Holy Cross Family Ministries - Board Members

Corporate Board

Br. Paul Bednarczyk, C.S.C.
Rev. James Lackenmier, C.S.C.
Rev. Thomas O'Hara, C.S.C.
Rev. Richard Warner, C.S.C.

Directors of The Family Rosary, Inc.

Mr. Patrick F. Adams, Esq.  
Rev. William Beauchamp, C.S.C.    
Mrs. Janet M. Feeley
Mr. Clarence A. Gilyard 
Mr. Patrick Grace
Most Reverend Howard Hubbard
Mr. Robert Huston 
Mrs. Kathleen Lund  
Rev. Kenneth Molinaro, C.S.C.
Dr. Gregory Popcak, PhD 
Sr. Theresa Rickard, O.P.
Mr. David Socha  

Directors of Crusade for Family Prayer, Inc.

Mr. Joseph Amato
Mr. Christopher P. Chappell
Mr. Mark W. Durishan
Ms. Jeanne Findlayson
Mr. Jaime T. Infante
Mr. Richard J. Morris
Sr. Ruth Marie Nickerson, C.S.C.
Mr. Philip Phillips
Mr. Joseph Spiak


Stories of Faith

Two Men in Bangledesh
"Once I was feeling sick and nervous during an exam, I prayed to Our Mother Mary and was calmed and did well on the exam. It is my deep belief that Our Mother always listen her children’s call."

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