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Announcing the winners of the 2016 "Try Prayer! It Works!" Contest


TryPrayer2 TryPrayer1Family Rosary announces the winners of the 2016 "Try Prayer! It Works!" Contest.  The 21st annual national competition - which encourages students to express their faith through art, poetry and prose - attracted nearly 2500 entries from across the country.

Each year, approximately 25,000 children and teens from Catholic schools, parishes and other Catholic organizations use their creative skills to illustrate a different faith-based theme.  This year, the theme was Who is my mother? Who are my brothers and sisters? Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade creatively depicted in various art forms how they act in faith and follow the word of God.

The contest theme this year is based on scripture.  In Matthew 12:46-50, Jesus is told that his mother and brothers are waiting to speak to Him.  Jesus asks, "Who is My mother and who are My brothers?"  He then holds out His hand toward His disciples and says, "Behold My mother and My brothers!  For whoever does the will of My Father who is in Heaven, he is My brother and sister and mother."

"Scripture teaches us that we connect with Jesus by doing the will of God," said Father Hugh Cleary, C.S.C.  "We must listen carefully for his direction and then do what is asked of us.  It is difficult to hear God speak when we are distracted by so many other things: texting, email, commercials, friends, activities.  It is important to set aside time for prayer and meditation so we can connect with God."

In addition to the "Try Prayer! It Works!" contest in the United States, separate competitions are conducted in Mexico, East Africa, West Africa, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Ireland, France, Chile, Peru and the Philippines.

Entries are judged on content, ability to capture and interpret the theme, artistic and technical proficiency.

In the United States, up to three winners are chosen per grade:  first place winners are awarded $100 U.S., and the sponsoring organization earns $100 U.S. and a copy of the DVD "A Dedicated Man".  Runners-up in Grades 6-12 get the "Down from the Mountaintop" DVD, whiles graded K-5 receive a copy of the Life of Christ DVD series and the sponsoring organizations receive a copy of the DVD "A Dedicated Man".

To see the list of winners and their artwork: