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The Cause

Spring 2016

  • God's Mercy and Us 
  • Update on Father Peyton's Cause
  • Celebrating the Year of Mercy
  • Prayers Answered and Prayers Requested
The Casue Winter 2016

Winter 2016

  • FRC Philippines   
  • Update on the Positio
  • Improved 
  • Prayers Answered and Prayers Requested
Fall 2015 The Cause

Fall 2015

  • Positio Presented in Rome  
  • The Peyton Society
  • Father Peyton Anniversary Mass
  • Prayers Answered and Prayers Requested
The Cause 15

Spring 2015

  • A "Saint for Families"
  • Join The Father Peyton Guild
  • Early Family Rosary Albany Helpers
  • Prayers Answered and Prayers Requested


The Cause Fall 2014


Winter 2015 

  • Off to Rome to Present the Positio 
  • The Father Peyton Center in North Easton, MA
  • Pilgrimage to Ireland: Land of Saints and Scholars
  • Prayers Answered and Prayers Requested




Fall 2014

  • Parents devotion to Rosary inspire donor 
  • Anniversary celebration
  • Peyton Society opportunity
  • Visits to Father Peyton's Grave continues


2014 Spring The Cause

Spring 2014 

  • Father Peyton's Vision is Being Realized 
  • Memories of Father Peyton 
  • Notre Dame Student Rally Honors Father Peyton
  • Your Gifts Your Impact
The Cause

Winter 2014

  • Chance meeting leads to lifelong friendship 
  • Family Rosary's start in television
  • Father Peyton's rock travels to Rio 
  • Father Peyton's insight is a comfort
The Cause Fall 2013 Fall 2013 
  • Family Rosary Albany celebrates Anniversary 
  • Rosary Rallies remembered 
  • Increase in Father Peyton Guilds in Nairobi 
  • Anniversary Celebration held at World Headquarters
Spring 2013 The Cause

Spring 2013 

  • Vice-postulator gives presentation
  • Pilgrimage to Ireland 2013
  • Family harmony restored
  • Prayer Answered and requested


Winter 13 The Cause Winter 2013 
  • Rosaries for the World  Program update to improve distribution and promote mission 
  • A personal journey to Catholicism 
  • Explore the beauty of Northern Ireland
  • Our child is saved
2012 Fall The Cause  Fall 2012 
  • The Cause continues to advance 
  • North Hollywood Guild chapter is growing 
  • The vision of Father Peyton
2012 Spring The Cause Spring 2012 
  • Join the Pilgrimage to Ireland 
  • Rosary makers surpass 100,000 Rosaries 
  • Leave a legacy

Winter 2012

  • Rosary Rally in San Francisco draws thousands
  • Philippines closes 60th Anniversary Celebration with Rosary Rally
  • Our Lady of Peace is active Chapter of the Father Peyton Guild

Fall 2011

  • New website honors Father Patrick Peyton, CSC
  • Close of possible Medical Miracle Review for Cause for Sainthood

Spring 2011

  • Remarkable growth of Father Peyton Guilds in Africa
  • Notre Dame Summer Retreat
  • Join us for an unforgettable Pilgrimage to Ireland
  • Investigation of a possible medical miracle

Winter 2011

  • Father Peyton’s Cause of Canonization advances
  • Easton Chapter of Father Peyton Guild honors Father Peyton’s memory
  • Annual Pilgrimage goes to Rome
  • A “treasure” is donated to Holy Cross Family Ministries
Fall 2010
  • Arlington, VA, chapter of the Father Peyton Guild, welcomes Vice-postulator Fr. David Marcham
Spring 2010 
  • Recollections of Gennie Jota, Director of Family Rosary Philippines
Winter 2010 
  • Dianne Maney writes of her family’s history with Father Peyton
  • Emil Saul his wife, Jane, have prayed the Rosary 60+ years of their marriage
  • Tom Hart writes of days as a seminarian at Notre Dame University
Fall 2009 
  • Kathy Megliola donates one dollar each day to Holy Cross Family Ministries
  • Many ways to be “introduced” to Father Peyton
Spring 2009 
  • Colleen Carpenter tells of her family’s relationship with Father Peyton
  • When Robert Alves lost his job, his faith was rewarded with a new position
  • Ann Corl generously supports Holy Cross Family Ministries
Winter 2009 
  • Peter and Patty McEntee detail their faith journey
  • Tom and Ellen Harmon are generous monthly supporters

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